There was an excellent turn out for the quiz with 6 teams consisting of 32 members and guests waiting to pit their wits against the devious questions posed by Chris Holehouse, the quizmaster.  Chris was a tad more subdued than usual as he was recovering from a bout of the dreaded flu which meant he was rather more lenient than usual with his marking.

Those of you who have participated in one of Chris’s quizzes before will know that the titles of the rounds can be very misleading and this was no exception, with subjects ranging from ”Backing Musicians”, via History to “Eggsactly”.  After four rounds we were ready for a break for supper which included sausages in a vast Yorkshire pudding, cold meat platters, nachos and copious quantities of chips. Thus fortified we were ready for the second half.

We know that points mean prizes and there was a clear winner with Guy Fairbank’s team “Domine Dirige Nos” scoring 120 points and being awarded two bottles of champagne for their efforts.  At the other end of the scoreboard, “The Square Milers”  scored 91 points and were rewarded with a large tub of sweets.

The scores for the other teams were

  • A Bit Untidy        113
  • Lunatic Express 112
  • Bean Counters  102
  • Carillian                99

As ever we owe a big THANK YOU to Chris for devising the quiz.  For those of you who were unable to come to the quiz you will find it, complete with the answers, with this report.   Thanks are also due to the staff at the Olde Watling who looked after us so cheerfully and efficiently.